Bespoke Portfolios

At King & Shaxson Asset Management, we take your clients’ ethics and values and reflect it in their investment portfolio, made possible in bespoke portfolios through our values-based questionnaire.

Personal Discretionary

King & Shaxson provides a bespoke investment portfolio services for individuals, charities, and corporates, in conjunction with professional advisers. Our service is a highly personal investment management service that not only takes the effort and worry out of investing but is also tailored to suit the underlying client’s needs. We operate on a discretionary mandate, meaning that we are free to manage portfolios according to pre-determined ethical criteria and risk parameters, and adviser and client are released from having to worry about the ongoing management of the portfolio. Unlike collective funds and model portfolios, we allow the client to set their own ethical criteria via our comprehensive Values-based Investment Questionnaire, and your concerns are then reflected in a personally designed portfolio (£500,000 minimum).

The Process

Complete the
Values Based Questionnaire

Each portfolio is constructed according to the investors ethical beliefs, made possible by King & Shaxson’s Values based Questionnaire (VBQ). Leave no stone unturned.

Receive an
in-depth portfolio proposal

Every client will receive a detailed portfolio proposal, outlining the potential investments based on the client’s investment and ethical objectives, including our rationale for investing in each holding.


The team of qualified managers will begin constructing your portfolio. The portfolio will be viewable online via our portal as well as via quarterly reports (including a yearly tax pack).

Why Choose Our Personal Discretionary Service?

Strong Focus On your Values

Our portfolios reflect the concerns of clients. This means we utilise both a negative and positive screening process to filter out the harmful sectors and companies and include the more sustainably aligned companies. The method we use to screen investments includes both a process driven quantitative and values-based qualitative approach. This is because whilst quantitative ESG data is an important part of screening a company or fund, it is necessary to look beyond just data and take into account other sources of information.

Personal Choice

The underlying client gets to set the screening parameters for the investment of their portfolio. If you want to invest in clean energy whilst avoiding mining or tobacco companies, you can; and if you want to take a set income each month or ad hoc withdrawals, you can. You specify how you want your money to be run, and we manage your money accordingly.

Professional Management

Our team of qualified managers not only design a portfolio that meets your needs, but we monitor every investment on a daily basis, and can make timely and seamless changes as required. We also ensure that risks are controlled in accordance with your personal risk tolerance and take account of any tax considerations. All our Portfolios are administered by Pershing Securities, a global leader in asset management support services such as custody, deal execution, and administration.

Values-Based Questionnaire

Our highly personal service not only takes the effort and worry out of investing, but is also tailored to suit the client's individual values. The client, whether that’s an individual, company, trust or charity, set the ethical and financial criteria. This means the screens applied are based on the completed Values -based Questionnaire, which is then reflected in a personally designed portfolio. This means, unlike in the model portfolios, you are in complete control of the ethical screen we’ll abide to. The link to the King & Shaxson Values Based questionnaire can be found below. This is required in order to receive an investment proposal, as well as during the ongoing management of a bespoke portfolio.

Account Types

General Investment Account (GIA)

Clients can open a GIA as a standalone investment portfolio, or combine it with the other wrappers detailed on this page. As part of our ongoing management, we can provide regular income, manage capital gains, and complete subscriptions to a connected ISA. A GIA can be opened as a joint account or in an individual’s name.

Individual Savings Account (ISA)

Our Individual Savings Account is a stocks and shares ISA. It provides a tax efficient investment wrapper which can be combined with other wrappers detailed on this page. You can choose to transfer your ISA from another provider or you can invest your current annual subscription amount.

Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

This tax-efficient investment wrapper can be a standalone portfolio, or combined with an ISA and/or GIA. It may be possible to transfer other registered pension schemes or a recognised overseas pension scheme into a SIPP, and we can be relatively flexible when it comes to choosing a SIPP provider.

Trusts and Charities

We have close to 20 years of experience managing trusts and charitable trusts. As part of our Personal Discretionary Service, we cater for individuals or organisations who require a tax efficient investment solution, whether that’s for estate planning purposes, charity funds or endowments. We can support trustees to develop a bespoke portfolio that aligns with their investment policy, helping to secure a long-term legacy.

Account Opening Forms

All clients are required to complete the main application form (regardless of the investment portfolios required). This should be completed in conjunction with the client agreement and rates card which can both be found below.

The above account opening form can be used to open a GIA, Trust or Charity portfolio. It should also be completed if opening a Self-Invested Personal Pension. For a SIPP (other than a Pershing SIPP), the main application form is required to be completed separately by the Pension Provider.

Individual Savings Account (ISA)

Clients requiring an ISA are required to complete the above Account Opening form, as well as the application form below. This should be completed in conjunction with the ISA Terms and Conditions and ISA Key Features. Please complete a separate ISA transfer form for each ISA being transferred.

User Guides

Please find below a number of user guides for personal discretionary accounts held with Pershing securities. These user friendly guides and documents will assist throughout the process, from account opening, to deposits and withdrawals and much more. Should you still require assistance, please contact us on

To discuss how we can help you, please call Craig Hart on 020 7426 5979 or email