Ethical Investing

Whilst text books teach us that ethical means a negative screen is applied, here at King & Shaxson, we are in fact adding much more to the investment process. Whilst screening out the ‘evils’, such as oil, gas, coal, poor governance and tobacco, we implement a positive inclusion, which by its very nature finances solutions to social and environmental issues. All of which comes on top of the standard investment criteria.

Our sole interest is ethical investing, meaning we can take the above concept and invest in issues that are close to our client’s hearts, whilst also seeking positive returns over the long term.

Know Your Ethical Client

Ethical investing means managing portfolios to two instead of one criteria. The investment criteria is straightforward, and is no different to conventional investing. The Ethical criteria takes on a more ‘human’ approach, as past experience has taught us that ethical investors are more concerned where their funds are invested. This means it is vital to ensure that the investments match the client’s ethics, and the only way to ensure this is done, is by getting to know your client’s ethics, in what we call KYEC, or Know Your Ethical Client.