About Us

King & Shaxson Asset Management (KSAM) has offered a distinct ethical and sustainable focused portfolio management service for individuals, trusts and charities since 2002, and is our sole focus today. We take your clients’ ethics and values and reflect it in their investment portfolio.

About Us

King & Shaxson is a long-established City name with a history that dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. Founded as a Discount House, King & Shaxson has evolved in to a financial services company incorporating an investment firm, trading venue, asset management, advice and training, and the safe custody of client assets (you can find a summary of our services in the boxes below)

We are owned by PhillipCapital, a privately owned, financially strong and developing Singaporean financial services company. PhillipCapital employs over 3,000 people worldwide, with its major interests in Singapore, Hong Kong and other regions of the Far East. The development of London is an important element in PhillipCapital's global growth plan.

We draw from a diversity of professional backgrounds, creating a blend of experience, skill and dedication, which is shared with our clients. The diverse client base includes private clients, institutions such as universities, local authorities, building societies, trusts, charities, pension funds, fund managers, insurance companies, and international banks. King & Shaxson strives to provide an exceptional level of service for all of our clients, committing to long term partnerships, which we consider crucial in order to add value.

Asset Management

King & Shaxson Asset Management (KSAM) has offered a distinct ethical and sustainable focused portfolio management service through bespoke mandates since 2002, and model portfolios since 2010. The investment team, under the leadership of Wayne Bishop since inception, has a genuine passion for investing for positive outcomes, aligning their own investments with those of your clients.

Our unique history gives us an authentic understanding of how portfolios should be constructed to meet clients’ expectations. Taking an active management approach, we seek out investments which have a positive sustainable outcome.

We are continually monitoring and reviewing investment positions with a forward-looking and adaptive outlook. Our approach goes beyond just looking at ESG data. By not conducting a tick box exercise, we truly understand an investment’s mission and ensure we meet clients’ expectations.

King & Shaxson Services

Agency Bonds

Our two bond dealing teams, King & Shaxson and NCL Capital Markets, offer a fully comprehensive coverage of both Sovereign and Corporate bonds in all the main currencies.

Global Secondary Loans

King & Shaxson utilises an extensive global institutional client base to facilitate secondary market loan transactions for motivated buyers and sellers in PF/Infrastructure, Corporate and Real Estate sectors (Performing and Non-Performing).

Dowgate MTF

Dowgate became a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) under MiFiD II rules offering dealing in UK Gilts, European Sovereign debt, IRS and Inflation derivatives in GBP and EUR, Credit, Covered Bonds, Supras and Agencies.

Money Markets

King & Shaxson's pedigree is evident as a member of the London Money Market Association (LMMA) and with the Debt Management office as a primary participant in UK Treasury Bills.

Asset Management

King & Shaxson Asset Management has been managing Ethical portfolios since 2002, providing discretionary managed portfolios (bespoke or models) - we know what it means for clients' values to be reflected in their portfolio.

Cash Management

King & Shaxson employs a detailed investment process to manage what is an often overlooked asset class.


King & Shaxson's Treasury Solutions is our independent and specialised consultancy for building societies and small banks.