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Fund Managers Report Q4 2023

The long-awaited interest rate pivot finally materialised this quarter and as expected this led to a significant rally across all asset classes, favouring investments with a stronger ESG and positive impact focus.

Please remember that the value of investments and the income arising from them may fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. All information contained in this document has been prepared by King & Shaxson Asset Management. All opinions and estimates constitute our judgement as of the date of publication and do not constitute general or specific investment advice.

  • Fund Managers Report Q3 2023

    The market is contending with the higher for longer stance with regards to interest rates. Even those of us old enough to remember high interest rates, did not have to contend with quantitative tightening, supply chain shifts and changing technologies that are all front and centre right now. We see many impact themes, which have been battered over the last two years as unloved but offering some growth potential, as markets readjust to a new normal with much higher capital discipline.

  • Fund Managers Report Q2 2023

    Three years ago, ESG and Impact portfolios were basking in the sun, however those days feel like a long time ago with inflation, war, politics and interest rates testing our investment thesis. We take a look back at the last quarter and examine each asset class held and what we are expecting from each of them.

  • Fund Manager Report Q4 2022

    Despite a rally in Q4, most asset classes finished the year in negative territory. It has been a particularly difficult year for investors, characterised by a number of heterogeneous events that have sent shockwaves through global society. We take a look back over 2022 and then look forward at the factors which will drive the economic background in 2023.

  • Q2 2022 Fund Manager Report

    As the old saying goes, “markets are driven by fear and greed”, and fear has been the dominant factor in market movements this year. Most of the events took place in the first quarter, but the second quarter has seen markets remain volatile and negative. We reflect back on this period whilst discussing pivot points for markets to move from fear to hope.

  • Q1 2022 Fund Manager Report

    Continued supply chain issues added to the blazing inflation fire, raising concerns how fast and hard Central Banks were going to tighten monetary policy. In early February, the build-up of Russian forces on the Ukrainian border was alarming, but the tragedy that soon unfolded was even more of a concern, and not just for financial markets. We reflect back on a volatile quarter for markets, and highlight some ESG fault lines.

  • Q3 2021 Fund Manager Report

    We reflect back on a more subdued quarter for equity markets. The world is approaching the second anniversary of the pandemic; whilst this is a tough period with a lot of potential hurdles, many of the dangers are out in the open. It will therefore be a process of navigating through the shortages, inflation and uncertainty.

  • Q2 2021 Fund Manager Report

    We reflect back on another positive quarter. Equity market gains are at a more sedate pace than the volatility of 2020 and the returns for fixed income and infrastructure have been more subdued. Towards the end of the last quarter, we noticed a shift back away from the reflation trade that had dominated 2021. We take a look back over Q2 and look ahead to times beyond the pandemic recovery.

Everything Ethical Podcast

Welcome to King & Shaxson’s Everything Ethical Podcast, providing news and views on topical information broken down into bite size recordings. We’ll be discussing markets and ethical investing, inviting different guests to provide a variety of views which we hope you and your clients will find useful.