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Responsible Investing with a Track record

King & Shaxson began investing ethically in 2002, at a time when this approach to investing was well and truly on the fringe. How things have changed since then.

We have seen the explosion of interest in the world of responsible investing. With more information and choice about investments, investors are keen to see their savings and pensions align with their own values. For us, it has always been our focus to see the mighty power of the investment world harnessed for good.

In 2010, we created a range of model portfolios, which combined a sound investment process whilst at the same time reflecting client’s ethics by avoiding ‘sin stocks’ and investing in companies that finance solutions to the environmental and societal issues we face today.

This combination of applying a negative and a positive screen has served our clients well, and we are proud to celebrate our 10-year anniversary this year. Responsible investing with a track record!

We have been managing ethical investments since 2002

Personal Discretionary

This service is highly personal and tailored to each client’s own ethical criteria. Clients can combine a general investment account with and ISA and/or SIPP. Pivotal to the operation is the understanding of each client’s ethics which tends to leads to investments which finance solutions to environmental and social change.

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Platform Ethical Portfolios

Access a number of ethical portfolios which cater for different risk requirements and aim to meet the majority of ethical investors’ concerns. With no minimum deposit requirement, these models are available on numerous adviser platforms and seek to invest in a broad range of ethical/impact funds which are thoroughly scrutinised.

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Adviser Support

Ethical investing may be a new concept to a number of advisers, that’s why we are able to offer a number of support tools, such as seminars and documents, to assist when ethical clients ask the question. This includes a free screening service where we will screen your clients’ portfolio and produce an ethical report.

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